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welcome to nhk world "news line." people in china are officials in beijing say they'll take counter measures. demonstrate fors gathered on wednesday in front of japanese diplomatic mission. they demanded a return on items
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and a boycott on japanese goods. a group of japanese lawmakers has postponed it's trip to bay general later this month. chinese officials said they wanted to withdraw their invitation in this severe domestic atmosphere. schools have put off a school trip due to safety consideration. the demonstrations appear well controlleded by china officers. police urged each group to leave the site after about 10 minutes to let the next group demonstrate. >> translator: we are closely watch watching and we will protect our sovereignty in response to the
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circumstances. >> a senior diplomat said both sides had a frank exchange in views. china demanded that japan retract its move. >> translator: both sides agreed on the importance of continuing and stepping up communications in any possible way. >> the foreign ministry official said that japan and china must continue dialogue to prevent relations from deteriorating further. president barack obama has tiblgtened u.s. diplomatic posts all across the world. armed men stormed the embassy. a u.s. film mocking islam prompted the attack. the gunman shoot at the guildings and tossed handmade
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bombs into 2 come pound sparking fires, obama issued a statement confirming that adventure christopher stevens is among the four victims. he ordered security to be increased for u.s. citizens in libya. the american-made film that sparked the attack is considered insulting to islam's profit mohammad. that film also triggered anti-american outrage in egypt. demonstrate fors assembled on the u.s. embassy in chicago. hundreds of people gathered in the compound, some of them scaled the walls. they brought down a u.s. flag and burned it. >> egypt has lost them and it has not solved any problems. >> part of the film in question has been uploaded to the
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internet. firefighters in pakistani's biggest city of karachi continue looking for victims after a fire that swept through a clothing building. the four-story structure went up in flames on tuesday afternoon with more than 400 workers inside. 289 people have been confirmed dead. doors to the building were apparently locked. the windows were barred. a police official says no safety measures were in place. >> the design of the building, there was no safety exits and all the people that got out, there was probably only one way out, which they had to reach to out outside the building. that's why they tried to jump out the windows but the windows were also blocked.
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another fire on tuesday broke out aton tuesday. both blazes are believed due to electrical wiring. his supporters call him a visionary, to his critics he is a man of style over substance. whatever the case, hachimoto has just arrived on stage. recast a popular local base into a national reform movement.hasi politician was a force to be reckoned with.
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we have decided to launch a new national political party. it's name will be nepon nokai. and it's headquarters will be here in osaka. >> hashimoto is a former lawyer turned politician. ha hash -- ma imoto is selling a t
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party running their banner of social and political change. nhk's recent poll suggests more than half of voters will support him. hashimoto's intention to build large support. certain lawmakers have decided to leave their parties to join hashimoto. >> translator: this is not a time to follow a route laid down by others. we should create a route by ourselves. from our footsteps, a new path will emerge.
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let us create japan's new road together. >> translator: i think the party can fulfill the expectations of ordinary people. >> translator: i have high hopes that the new party can create a new society. >> hashimoto is expected to officially establish his party later this month. there are reports there listen 300 candidates in the lower half. but there's real question hashimoto will be a player in the upcoming elections, perhaps the key force. experts from outside will be looking outside tokyo electric power company, the operator of
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the fukushima nuclear sight. the u.s. regulatory commission will take part so will a member of the diet party. tell us, what will these experts be doing? >> any executor or manager will tell you how difficult it is to change corporate culture, but that's exactly what these people are taking on. the focus on the management's overconfidence in prevents nuclear accidents and their unwillingness to accept criticism. the experts were chosen because they were not influenced by a japanese nuclear industry. >> what more can you tell us about the former chairman of the u.s. regulatory commission. what does he bring to the table?
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>> his name is dale klein and he has a track record in promoting safety. terrorists could target reactors which could lead to a station blackout and ultimately a meltdown. few people have considered the scenario in japan. to kline is in a position to help tepco take nuclear safety to the next level. >> tepco managers took all of their plants offline after the accident. but they're looking at reopening one on the seacoast possibly next year. will it happen do you think? >> people at tepco realize that they have to do a better job. the company's image, as you know has been tarnished for the past
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18 months, and many attempts to improve that image have backfired. >> translator: we understand we have no right to restart power plants without appropriate safety measures in place. >> i spoke with one exterritope. >> they have not defined the risks they should prepare for. they had relied on their own myth that everything was perfectly safe. now they need to clarify who was ultimately responsible. without that, there's no way to restart nuclear plants. the most important thing is to change their corporate maggette culture. >> it's fair to say tepco leaders want to use the panel to regain the public's trust. but the ultimate question, i think is whether there's a will
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to change the corporate culture or if this is more of a strategy to ease the process of restarting nuclear plants. vrmts northeastern top court has given the green light to a new euro zone rescue fund. a conclusion was reached and means that germany's definition of the -- any decision for additional contributions needs parol men industry approval. the ruling paves the way for germany's ratification of the efm. it's expected to come out next month. the critics said contributing to the rescue fund violates the constitution.
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the european commission chief has urged giving the european central bank the power to supervise all banks in the euro zone. commission president announce the proposal at the eu parliament on wednesday. he wants to have the proposal take effect by 2014. all commercial banks in the region will be subject to oversight by the -- giving supervisery power be a -- facebook shares have been sliding since it went public in may, falling more than 50% at one point. the company's top executive admitted that falling stock
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price is disappointing. mark zuckerberg made the comment on wednesday that an event in san francisco, it was his first public appearance since facebook's initial public offering. >> the performance of the stock has obviously been disappointing, and we care about our shareholders. and the commitment that we made is that we're going to execute this mission of making the world more open and connected. >> zuckerberg acknowledged the failure of facebook's -- the share price rose 3.3% on nasdaq on wednesday on news that zuckerberg would speak at the event, but the stock level is still well below it's debut price of $38. people in japan are trying to find closure on an issue that dates back to world war ii. thousands of japanese died in what is now north korea.
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more than half of their remains have not been repatriated. so a crew has been flown to inspect burial sites in an effort to move things forward. >> reporter: this man is 83. he's leading a civilian group of japanese expatriots from the korenian peninsula. i'm in a corn field and it's a five-hour drive. last year the north korean authorities discovered some remains of japanese people who di died in world war ii. an excavation covered the
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remains of one person. a coinated 1941 was also unearthed. masaki is convinced that there are more japanese remains here. >> translator: i waited for this opportunity for a long time. my wish has finally been fulfilled. we will remember the victims and offer prayers for them. i pray that you all may rest in peace. japanese -- could hardly take anything with them. about 20,000 are believed to still be buried in north korea.
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some japanese families want to visit the site and repatriate the remains of their relatives. yashushi is 80 now, he and his family returned to japan from north korea when the soviets invaded. caramula was 13 years old. his father was drafted into the imperial army and was never seen again. >> malnutrition killed his sister when she was 1. >> i vividly remember my sister being incredibly hungry, he was
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starving, for 67 years she's been buried in north korea, during the severe cold, no one comes to visit her, she must have been weeping all these years. >> reporter: masaki visited four sites that would have japanese remains. he and the other members are hoping that the survey leads to the repatriation of remains. >> translator: there are so many others waiting to visit burial sites and pray for the souls of their relatives like us. all i hope is that things move in the right direction. >> takahida nagasuna, nhk world.
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people in the northeast are focused on overcoming the 2011 disaster. but they have to rebuild homes, entire communities, we'll see their successes on "the road ahead" here on "news line." a college student has made a documentary about the devastation from the tsunami. the personal nature of her film is having an impact far beyond the area. >> reporter: returning to the scene of the devastation, this is the hometown where the originally mains the saka plant. the young people talking to the
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camera are her close friends and former neighbors. the subject is epic, but the tone is intimate. >> reporter: the filmmaker is a college student. she was far from her hometown on march 11, 2011. she has returned many times since the tsunami for shooting. it's her first film. >> translator: what you see in the film and what you see right here are so different. i hope i can show all this around me. >> reporter: her determination to get the reality on film has already had an impact both in
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japan and abroad. she travels to san francisco for a screening. college students in the united states created the english subtitles for the film. a professor at the school organized a demonstration walk. she's now using the film as a study material in his japanese class. the students were having difficulty understanding the feelings of the people in the film. in this scene, survivors talk about their reactions to bring up the subject of the earthquake to people outside of the region.
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>> reporter: the students understand the worlds, but the raw feelings are harder to grasp. she tries to explain. zplts people outside the area care about us a lot, but they don't know how to express their sympathy. we don't want to make them feel awkward, that's what stops us, the victims from talking about it. >> translator: i was surprised that the victim can talk about the disaster. >> reporter: it's the day of the screening. around 30 people have come to see the film. >> it was very different from other documentaries i have seen before about it, especially
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having the factual person who made it there telling her experiences termly made it really real to me. > >> translator: meeting someone who wants to do reconstruction of the region is very encouraging. i could feel their attitude and it went way beyond words. >> the film have been headed for turkey, china and south korea. students in those countries are now working on translations. hot weather continues in tokyo and it looks like the rain has passed dumping water in the north. robert has more. >> it is diminishing across parts of -- all these hours are going to be replaceded by some sun in your skies, going through thursday. but unfortunately, look out here towards the west, across korea
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on your thursday, you're going to be seeing some heavy rain showers off to eastern china. bringing in some showers across western japan throughout your day on friday and then going into saturday, but not only is this going to be bringing the effects of rough weather, but look down towards the south, tropical storm sanba. that's going to be moving off towards the north as well. and impacting these japanese islands going into saturday and sunday. likely strong typhoon type winds are going to be blowing across these islands. this week is definitely one of those you're going to want to be watching flights here. look down toward the south, more immediately on wednesday and thursday and friday, this is going to bring in some strong monsoonal flow come in from the west, and that's going to bring
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in rain showers. flooding and mud slides will be possible through here. temperatures across the tropics, remain hot, bangkok 34, expect some rain showers and thunderstorms. and in tokyo, still remaining hot here through the latter part of your week, but 33 for your high on thursday. now as far as themens, we are watching a frontal area work through kansas city from 31 on your wednesday down to 21 going into your thursday. and all along this front, we're going to be seeing some thunderstorm activity. even lightning could be pushing off there towards the southeast. behind it, cooler temperatures are going to be in place, frost advisories are in effect across the dakotas and over through montana.
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through those overnight hours bundle up. a lot of dry weather could be creating potential fire weather across the north here. down south of that front, look at oklahoma city and houston, both into the high 30s, so still remaining wrath summer like here for you. now over towards europe, we are watching a low pressure area across portions of the balkans and northern italy here, this is going to work its way east and as it does, some thunderstorms could be behind that. but see that big high come dominating much of the screen here? that's keeping things rather cool towards the british aisles here. off towards the north. see that blue working in you can see 80-mile-per-hour winds coming in off the atlantic. that was tropical storm ledsly or the remnants of tropical storm leslie. it could be a portion of
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northern scotland going into friday with some heavy rains and gusty winds as well. temperatures remaining on the cool side. as we look off towards eastern europe, seasonal here at moscow, 22 in kiev at 26. here's a look at your extended forecast. we'll be back with more updates in 30 minutes.
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